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The future of retail is connected and experience-driven

CityQuest offers an innovative solution to transfer E-Commerce mechanics to the offline business while improving the in-store experience.

A treasure chest for two worlds

With CityQuest you can connect the online to offline world. You get a real treasure chest that you can fill with items from your collection. Your active chest is displayed on a digital map, attracting new customers to your store. On-site customers can open the chest with a certain propability and can find a real „treasure“

Your store on the digital map.

Open on site: A hidden touch sensor opens the box.

Preview possible: A glass window let's you feature products like in a display case. 

Geofencing informs users about nearby treasures. 

Shine bright: Optional LEDs make the box even more engaging.


E-Commerce mechanics...but in real!


Curiosity attracts!

Your active CityQuest box is displayed in the CityQuest app. The curiosity about the box content attracts visitors to your store. Once there, they discover your products and generate new revenues.

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Targeted point of sale discounts

Directly after the interaction with the box you can display a targeted discount on the store-visitors phone. This discount reaches your potential customers while they are already in the store, helps to drive conversions and enables to use discounts for real time pricing.


Social commerce!

What would you do if you would find a treasure chest? You would share it with your friends! Eventually this means more generic reach for your business on social media. Furthermore, you can directly promote certain products in the CityQuest app.

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Offline retargeting?? Yes!

Retargeting only works online! Not anymore! Store-visitors that previously interacted with your box can consent to receive discounts from your store as push-notifications. Even better, we give you the tools to target specific store-visitor characteristics while ensuring GDPR-conformity.


Need insights?

Getting insights about customer characteristics in stationary stores is much more difficult in stationary store then online. We found a GDPR-conform way to provide you with the data you need for profound business decisions.

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Suitable for all store designs


Soon! We plan to expand our product range with new designs. There will also be a lock-kit, so you can use your own custom box.

Yes! You decide when the treasure will be online, what you will put in the box and what is the propability to open the chest.

The box will be disabled automatically and won’t appear on the map any more.

That’s only up to you and your marketing strategy

We believe in the city center!

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Retail has several advantages over E-Commerce: Browsing, strolling, exploring and trying out: We want to help you to leverage on these strengths while at the same enabling you to use modern customer analytics. 


CityQuest is looking for pilot partners. Do you want to try a CityQuest chest. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to get in touch!

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